What is a photovoltaic system?

Photovoltaic system converts solar energy into electricity, which then will use to power your home. It serves us to eliminate charges for electricity from the network.

On our system consists of photovoltaic panels, inverter, converter and batteries.

Thanks to the photovoltaic produce electricity for our house.

Photovoltaic panels, which we use in sets come from reputable companies. which results in high-quality performance and long-life trouble-free operation.

Minimize energy losses through the use of energy-saving electronics in our inverters and converters.

Our kits include modern accumulators with large capacity storage of electricity. This allows us to use the stored energy at any time of day or night.

Photovoltaic panels are an excellent alternative to expensive current from the power station.

Photovoltaic system will reduce unnecessary costs of home maintenance.

We produce electricity for their own needs. We become free from constantly rising purchase prices of energy from the power plant or outages. The current produced by the panels is completely free and is not taxed.

Thanks to the system Watching TV, air conditioning or lighting your home is free of charge.

Your new PV plant does not generate costs.

Photovoltaic system produces energy in us even when cloud cover.

Modern panels use the full spectrum of solar radiation.

According to the regulations which are in Spain photovoltaic systems for own use are exempt from fees. Our kits do not interfere with the network from the power plant, which gives freedom to use. System installation in your home you do not have anywhere to report and does not need additional permits.

Spain through its geographical location, plentiful sunshine and little cloudy days is ideal for the installation of photovoltaic systems.

Our systems installation of PV panels have the ability to adjust the tilt panels account so that we can maximize their productivity.

For our clients we carry out the necessary measurements and prepare technical documentation.

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